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The One To Trust for Peace of Mind​

Eavesdropping detection services for homes, offices, busine​sses, vehicles and more. 

If you are looking for counter surveillance protection from a licensed private investigator,look no further.


Experience you can Trust


Baker Street Detective Agency

Our sophisticated counter surveillance sweeps identify and remove electronic eavesdropping threats, including audio and video surveillance, phone wiretaps and GPS tracking devices, and establish prevention measures to guard and protect your safety and privacy. 

Licensed Private Investigator


Professional Counter Surveillance Sweeps

Commitment to Excellence


  • Years of experience

  • When you have a need for confidentiality and don't trust your privacy to amateurs, our bug sweeping and technical counter-surveillance specialists have years of experience conducting sweeps for electronic listening devices and hidden cameras.  We bring the highest caliber of service available today.

  • Licensed professionals

  • Our TSCM specialists are fully trained and highly experienced in conducting professional sweeps for bugs, phone taps, hidden microphones and cameras, and other eavesdropping or wiretapping equipment.  As licensed private investigators, we offer our full complement of services to respond to your needs.


It is our commitment to assist in keeping you in a safe environment. We maintain a vigilant stance in protecting your privacy, and work to keep your premises free of any electronic audio or video surveillance intrusions, GPS tracking invasions and phone wiretap threats, and secure your domain for safety and security.

Office Security

Our office inspections can be conducted virtually anywhere that listening devices or video surveillance systems may be hidden, throughout entire buildings, individual rooms, on phones, machines, office equipment and even clothing or on an individual.

Residential Security

Our anti-surveillance tools have the capacity to identify surveillance threats throughout your entire residence.  Our home surveillance detection services include electrical wiring and outlets, ventilation systems, appliances, furnishings, ceilings, through walls and under floors.  

Loss Prevention

Our professional bug sweeps and surveillance counter measures secure anywhere you expect private conversations to remain private.  Privacy invasions threaten litigation issues, marital disputes, proprietary business information and can create unforeseen financial distress.

Vehicle Security

Our surveillance counter measures also sweep for the presence of hidden Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking devices that may be secretly installed to pinpoint the location of vehicles and compromise the integrity of your movements.

Privacy Protection

Our full service bug sweeps and eavesdropping detection are ​conducted with our sophisticated detection equipment, which have the capacity to even identify surveillance devices that are turned off or disabled, which we then extract from your premises.

Corporate Espionag​e

Industrial espionage is a threat in offices, board rooms and conference sites, threatening your intellectual property and proprietary information.  Our professional bug sweeps offer complete protection and are immediately available in Monrovia and throughout California.



For Confidential Inquiries Contact us Today

If you are compromised by a surveillance device we will find it.  Call for a free consultation, and enable us to identify and remove covert surveillance threats and maintain your privacy.

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